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“Tough one. :) Not thought out well but a rough idea would be to cut losses. I think Muslims in India should be asked to vote on their feeling of security within their surroundings, and whether they would feel more secure with a separate Muslim state, that would still be within the country but would allow them everything as per their religion. If they feel they are not comfortable, we can ask them to move to Kashmir and vice versa, ask Hindus there to move to lower plains. Effectively, we are reducing administration burden too, and the unreasonable anger that people have over different set of laws for Muslims. That way, they would know that they cant be cry babies. Uniform civil code would apply to rest of India, and those who feel insecure get to go and live in Kashmir. Alternately, give people 10 years of central government rule, and 10 years of local government rule to decide which one is faring better.”

From a Bharatiya Janata Party in Hyderabad
In reponse to: Should Jammu and Kashmir be granted special autonomous status?

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