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 @9JYQW9BAam Aadmianswered…3mos3MO

Steps should be taken to ensure a more sustainable way of making profit and growth for the economy

Environmental consciousness is what is important and not strict rules enforced by the government which will harm the free market society

 @9JX49WHShiv Senaanswered…3mos3MO

I would not be at ease that all this natural beauty might not last for the ages, it needs to be preserved, the rich should pay an extra tax for this preservation law

 @9JW7J48Bharatiya Janataanswered…3mos3MO

I myself havent seen much of the natural beauty so i believe it is very important for us to preserve our environment for the future generations to come

 @9LMPWGDAam Aadmianswered…1mo1MO

No. I will not. Therefore efforts at preserving this natural beauty needs to begin.

 @9LLNXJFBharatiya Janatafrom California answered…1mo1MO

I would be sad to hear that and I care for the environment and want to do something about it but I have other priorities to do more than the environment.

 @9LKW7TZBharatiya Janata answered…1mo1MO

No. Nature is a gift that needs to be preserved for the future generations.


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